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Congrats to Our Pool Company Friends!

Just finished reading the latest issue of Pool and Spa News and saw where two pool companies we work with made the list of top pool companies in the United States.

Congratulations to Elko Pools and Spas and Graves Pools!

You absolutely can’t go wrong using them for service or installation of a pool or spa.

Check below for a really cool project we worked on with Elko Spas. They created a beautiful pool canvas for us to add to with a freestanding arbor.

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My Screens Keep Falling Out!

I’d like to tell you about a recent project we completed.

The customer called us because his screens kept falling out.

Turns out, the last company that worked on the project installed the screens using the wrong spline. For those of you that don’t know, the spline is the rubber strip that holds the screen into the frame. The last contractor didn’t know what he was doing and rolled screen into this entire structure using spline that was way too small.

Result- Every time the wind blew hard, screens would come loose or fall out.

I had an easy fix for him. We simply came over, and with the correct spline, rolled all his screens back in. We even used the leftover screen he had to save him a few dollars on materials.

I love jobs like this. We got to help him out. It was pretty easy work. The location and structure were beautiful! Not only that, but there was a good deal of shade if you worked on certain sides of the building at just the right time.

Lessons to learn-

  1. Use a reputable contractor, not just the cheapest handyman around.
  2. If there’s a problem, get him back on the job to fix it.
  3. Just go ahead and have us do your project the first time and save you time and money.


Dave, the guy who knows which spline to use

P.S. If you’re the DIY type, we’d be happy to sell you spline and screen if you want to repair your own.

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Torn Screens and a Yellowing Roof?

A decade ago, clear plastic roofing and screen lenais were really popular. We did a few of them, but there was a competitor who kind of specialized in those and took most of that work away from us. He was a friend, so it was okay. Sadly, he’s not in business anymore.

Fast forward to now, and those jobs are falling apart. It wasn’t his fault, but clear plastic roofing and screen roofing over pool covers and patios requires a lot more maintenance than regular roofing for sunrooms and screen rooms.

Now we specialize in converting those old style roof solutions to normal ones.

If you have one of these or know someone who does, tell them about us.

Here’s a couple quick reasons it might be time to call:

1. The roof constantly leaks.
2. The plastic is yellowing or cloudy.
3. You’re tired of replacing screen roof panels after every storm.
4. You’re tired of trying to remove pine needles from the screens.
5. You want to make the room for all-season friendly.

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Rescreening an Old Pool Cover

These pool cover projects are interesting. They require lots of engineering to meet wind codes, figure out the proper geometry, and get a permit. They usually end up costing almost as much as the pool.

Ugh…then there’s the screening.

The absolute worst part is that the whole time you’re working, you wish you could maybe sort of accidentally fall into the pool at the end of the day.

So, what do you do when…

  • Your pool cover is getting old and the screens are wearing through
  • A storm drops in and throws tree branches through the screens
  • Or your kid runs down the wall with his fork poking holes in them

Easy. You pay us to come back out and rescreen it. If we do a good job, maybe you give us permission for a swim at the end of the project!

Here’s one we just finished rescreening…

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget your free gift.

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