Construction Reading that Won’t Put You to Sleep

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Construction Reading that Won’t Put You to Sleep

Because I’m in the field, I enjoy reading construction books and magazines, but there’s not a lot out there that won’t put you to sleep.

I read industry magazines to stay up on current trends and products and find great ideas for my customers.

I read instructional manuals when I need to, like learning a new tool or technique.

I look at design books for the pretty pictures. I’d rather go there than Pinterest because it keeps me from getting sucked into the black hole of stuff.

But there’s just not many compelling stories, memoirs, or autobiographies out there that involve construction.

I finally found one in Rise by Cara Brookins. It’s about a single mom and her four kids who embraked on a quest to build their own house to recover from years of domestic violence and trauma.

It’s a really great book, hilariously funny and incredibly heart-touching at the same time. Oh yeah, the construction parts are amazing. Cara and her kids tackled things by themselves that I hire entire crews for.

If you want a really good read that really should be a TV movie on Hallmark or something, give it a try.

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