Our Retractable Awning prices are dropping!

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Our Retractable Awning prices are dropping!

I’ve got Good News and Bad News!

Let’s go with the good news first, because that’s always easier to handle.

Our Retractable Awning prices are dropping!

Because of some new partnerships with our awning manufacturer and faster install times with our crews, prices have gone down across the board on awnings and awning options.

This includes all awning lines, fabrics, and options like:

  • Sunbrella fabrics
  • Wind sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • LED lights
  • Everything!

We also have an entire new line of fabric colors to offer and a new extended projection option to give you even more shade!

You don’t have to install an awning either. If all you need is a rain sensor or something else, just call.

Call for an onsite estimate, or you’re welcome to drop by the showroom to see the awning we have on display.

*If you already have an awning estimate on file with us, and you’re still interested, call and we’ll requote it for you.

And now for the Bad News…

Prices on just about everything else have gone up.

It’s nothing crazy like supply chain issues or anything, but we get regular price increases from our suppliers. We absorb them as long as we can, but eventually, we have to raise our prices too.

I’m waiting until August to make any price changes on our end, so if you have an estimate already or get one from us and sign a contract on it before August 1st, we’ll stick to the current prices.

Even though your project would be scheduled after August 1st, we’ll keep your project at the July pricing.

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