Order your Retractable Awnings online now with no pesky salesman!

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Order your Retractable Awnings online now with no pesky salesman!

If you’ve been thinking about a Retractable Awning for instant shade so you can get the most out of your patio, now you can hop on our website to check them out and even order one.

Just click HERE or on the photo below to go straight to the website.

BONUS- There’s even a FREE gift for checking them out.

If you would prefer to see the Retractable Awning on display at the showroom or have a representative come out to your house before ordering one, just let us know.

Call the office at 843-238-4798 or email us at oceanbreezehq@gmail.com.


See the benefits.

Inspect the options.

Order direct from the website!

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Now you can order your Garage Screens online!

Check the options, see the benefits, and no salesman. 😁

Now you can order your Garage Screens online!

If you’ve been thinking about a garage screen to get the most out of your garage, now you can hop on our website to check them out and even order one.

Just click HERE or on the photo below to go straight to the website.

BONUS- There’s even a FREE gift for checking them out.

If you would prefer to see our Garage Screen display at the showroom or have a representative come out to your house before ordering one, just let us know.

Call the office at 843-238-4798 or email us at oceanbreezehq@gmail.com.


See the benefits.

Inspect the options.

Order your Garage Screen direct from the website!

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New FREE Resource from Ocean Breeze to Help You Prep for Hurricanes and Other Disasters! 

This is Dave Jr.

A lot of you know me from estimates or the office at Ocean Breeze. Those of you that don’t for sure know my dad Dave Sr. He’s the big boss.

If you’re not sure which Dave is which, I’m the one with no hair. Aside from my work here at the family business, most of you don’t know that most of my career has been spent in disaster medicine, the bulk of it working for the Dept of Homeland Security.

I wanted to send this email today to tell you about a new FREE resource I’m launching based on all my years spent helping others.

I’m launching something called Prepared(*). It’s going to be a free newsletter that offers tips, checklists, and other resources to help you prepare for everything that gets thrown at us here at the beach or wherever you spend the time when you’re not here.

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods
  • House Fires
  • Wildfires
  • And More!

All you have to do is sing up right HERE to get the newsletter started. It only comes once a week, so I promise it won’t crowd up your inbox.

Dave Jr.

PS- If you have any ideas for things you’d like to know more about, be sure to message me here or over at Prepared(*).

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Did you know the VA offers FREE grant assistance for qualified Disabled Veterans?

Did you know the VA offers FREE grant assistance for qualified Disabled Veterans?

This is huge!

I’m a disabled Marine Corps veteran and my dad and the founder of Ocean Breeze is also a Disabled Veteran, so it thrills us to be able to help other vets get the assistance they need.

We focus on exterior remodeling and many of the projects we build may fit into what you qualify for.

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Wider or modified decks
  • Modified steps
  • Retrofitting existing exterior structures with grab bars, handles, etc.
  • And more in the VA adaptive housing guide



If you are a Disabled Veteran, care for one, or know one, please pass on this information.

Click HERE for the VA Website


A wheelchair ramp we built in Pirateland Campground.

There was extremely limited for space on this home.
We were able to modify his existing deck for more space.
There was just enough room to meet all code requirements.

David R. Powers, Ocean Breeze Exteriors founder and owner

This is my dad, an Army veteran of the Vietnam War and a Bronze Star recipient.

Although you’ll still see him on just about every jobsite, he suffers from numerous ailments related to several years in a self-propelled artillery unit and exposure to Agent Orange.

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Always Learning to Make Your Projects Better!

I was able to attend a roofing conference by GAF Roofing recently.

We don’t even do roofing unless it’s on our sunrooms, but it was a pretty awesome even to attend.

  • Networking with other construction business owners
  • Checking out new products
  • Finding better ways to help you- better warranties, maintenance programs, industry certifications, etc
  • Learning new Best Practices

I hope to be unveiling some new products and services to you soon based on what I saw and learned!

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Part of Our Warehouse is Now For Rent!

Instead of just storing junk from our houses in there, we’ve decided to rent part of our warehouse now that we’ve moved into our new showroom.

Here’s the link to a listing on Facebook marketplace. You can message me there or here on the website- oceanbreezehq@gmail.com.

Warehouse Space For Rent



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First Responders can receive up to a $350 Rebate on Hardie® products




Every day, thousands of emergency personnel put their lives on the line to protect the greater good. At James Hardie, we value protection of homes and families. Firefighters and other first responders make it possible to feel safe knowing that help is close by. We are recognizing those individuals with a new rebate program. Introducing Hardie™ Honors, a Hardie® product rebate program to say “Thank you”.

This offer is designed to help better protect first responders’ own homes with the trusted protection of noncombustible fiber cement technology. See terms and conditions below for more details.

Click HERE for details and call us if you qualify!


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Our DIY Corner on the website is back online!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the DIY Corner on our website is back up.

Got a bunch of folks letting me know that links were broken. I fixed them, added some new stuff, and it’s back.

If you’re not familiar with the DIY Corner, it’s a place on our website where we recommend tools, materials, and plans for your own DIY projects on the outside of your home.

It might seem like we’re giving away business doing this, but, to be honest, we can’t always fit in smaller projects in time or it’s just not something we can do at a reasonable price for you.

A great example would be trying to build a she shed for your wife’s birthday and you waited until the day before. We just wouldn’t be able to help you with that…but we can sell you the materials.

The way I figure it, if you’re gonna do a DIY project, I’m just as happy selling you the materials for it.

Check it out, and if you need something you don’t see, feel free to give us a call.

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Hurricane Season 2022- Know Your Zone, Prepare Your Home, Remember Your Route

***Just received this press release from SC EMD this morning and wanted to post it. If you’re in another hurricane state, be sure to check your own state’s EMD website for their specific information. Dr. Dave


2022 Hurricane Preparedness Week



Contact: Derrec Becker or Brandon LaVorgna

Phone: 803-737-8515  |  Social: @SCEMD

News@emd.sc.gov  |  Hurricane.SC

Hurricane Season 2022- Know Your Zone, Prepare Your Home, Remember Your Route

Columbia, S.C. – Governor Henry McMaster proclaimed May 29 through June 4 to be South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division, county emergency managers, the National Weather Service along with all members of the State Emergency Response Team urge individuals, businesses and communities to begin preparations ahead of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season. The theme for this year’s Hurricane Prep Week is “Know Your Zone, Prepare Your Home, Remember Your Route”:

Know Your Zone

In South Carolina, state and local officials issue hurricane evacuations based on zones in coastal counties. Know your hurricane evacuation zone instantly with the SC Emergency Manager mobile app and Hurricane.sc, South Carolina’s online hurricane guide.

Prepare Your Home

Do a safety check to make sure your home is best able to withstand the effects of a hurricane. Have your roof inspected, double check hurricane shutters and make sure your insurance policies cover the types of damages hurricanes can cause. Make a list and take photos of your belongings as records.

Remember Your Route

Be aware of the closest hurricane evacuation route ahead of the upcoming hurricane season. This will allow for a more efficient and safer route out of the hurricane’s path. Once you’ve learned your route, stick with it and remember it. Rely on the blue hurricane evacuation signs, not GPS.

Hurricanes and tropical storms not only threaten the coast, but all areas of South Carolina. Storm surge and flooding are the most deadly and destructive hazards associated with tropical storms and hurricanes. High winds and tornadoes can cause severe damage to buildings and homes. All South Carolinians should take time to prepare this week by reviewing their family emergency plans, creating a disaster supply kit and talking with their families about what could happen during and after the landfall of a major hurricane.

Daily topics for 2022 Hurricane Preparedness Week include:

  • Sunday: Understanding Hurricane Hazards
  • Monday: Know Your Zone
  • Tuesday: Official Start of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season – Have a Plan
  • Wednesday: Prepare Your Home, Build Your Emergency Kit
  • Thursday: Remember Your Route, Seeking Safety
  • Friday: Ways to Stay Connected
  • Saturday: Prepare Your Pets

South Carolina is one of the most vulnerable states to hurricanes and tropical storms. Six coastal counties border the Atlantic Ocean. These counties have more than 200 miles of general coastline, and another 21 inland counties may be directly affected by these storms. Densely populated coastal areas, especially during peak tourist seasons, coupled with the generally low coastal elevations significantly increase the state’s vulnerability.

Recent hurricanes to impact the Palmetto State include Hurricane Matthew in 2016, Hurricane Irma in 2017, Hurricane Florence in 2018 and Hurricane Dorian in 2019. In 2015, Hurricane Joaquin, combined with a separate storm system, resulted in historic flooding from the Midlands to the Lowcountry. Forecasters with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center expect an above average hurricane season in the range of 14-21 named storms.

Hurricane Season begins June 1 and lasts through November 30.


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It’s Hurricane Season, so get ready before a storm pops up!

It happens every year, just like tax day and any other bad news thing you can think of, like appointments for colonoscopies and stuff.

The Atlantic Ocean hurricane season runs from June through November every year. In recent years, our area has seen several significant landfalls. Hurricanes are interesting in how they affect us. You might have escaped unscathed, might have had trees or limbs in the yard, or could have even lost your roof. However, your neighbor might have experienced just the opposite.

My own experience with the last few hurricanes to hit our area is that the nearby yards flooded, and I lost a few shingles each time. No windows were broken by flying debris, but we had an advantage with clear Lexan hurricane panels over all the openings.

Here’s a few things I would recommend to prepare for hurricane season to help get you and your family ready.

I urge you to do it now so you have less stress and less to worry about during an evacuation or a landfall.

1. Put together a disaster box. Here’s a link to a great inventory list for a disaster box- https://www.ready.gov/build-a-kit. Once you get it packed, just throw it in the closet or a corner in the garage and hope you never need it.

You can go further and pack Get Home Bags and Bug Out Bags, but the disaster box is a bare minimum. The link is to an online class I teach about preparing these, but if you need one-on-one help, just get in touch. I used to do contract work for FEMA, and one of our jobs was helping people assemble these.

2. Protect your home. You need to install some type of protection for all the openings in your home, to include all doors and windows. Our company installs several different types, so get in touch if you don’t have this. The most important things to consider for this are that you have the work done before a named storm and know how to use it.

I mention ‘named storms’ because most insurance companies will not help you out if you wait until after there’s a named storm in the Atlantic. Also keep in mind that most insurance companies provide discounts for various types of opening protection, like our Lexan panels, and the state of SC offers a tax deduction as well. I can help you with those forms.

3. Have a plan. Decide beforehand under what circumstances you will evacuate. Don’t wait on the storm and then decide. In addition, decide where you’ll evacuate and what you will take with you. For any storms that you will shelter in place and not evacuate, plan for that as well, to include water, food, and lighting.

4. Upload a good weather app on your phone. I would recommend two different ones. Find a good generalized weather app you like, such as the Weather Channel, and also a dedicated hurricane tracking app. This way you can check on either general stuff or specific storm-related activities.

5. On Facebook, find and like several weather stations, news stations, and your local and state emergency operations centers. The EOC for SC not only puts out great news, but their social media team is hilarious with their posts.

6. If you have window opening protection already, get it out, clean it, and make sure it’s still in proper shape. This way, you have time to repair anything that needs it. This is a good time to also make friends with someone to help you install it.

7. Go around the house and make plans for stray items, furniture, grills, etc. This way if you plan on leaving them outside instead of bringing them into a room or the garage, you can go ahead and buy rope or straps to secure them with.

8. Clean out your garage so you have room for your vehicle if not already. Most people don’t use their garage for vehicles, but if you plan on sheltering in place, I would recommend you pull your car in.

9. Buy any needed supplies now. I’m talking about bottled water, non-perishable food, gas and gas cans, batteries, and anything else you might want during a storm. This stuff runs out fast when a storm is approaching. This will also help you avoid the craziness and lines at the stores.

10. If you’re home at the beach isn’t occupied all the time or you might be gone during a storm, set up a plan with a neighbor, friend or family, or a company like ours to secure your home if a storm is coming.

I hope all this helps. My goal is to keep you safe and ready for disasters.

Your storm guide,

David Powers

You can find us at…

Ocean Breeze Exterior Remodeling – 843-238-4798 – www.oceanbreezeexteriors.com

Our showroom is located at 739 Sandy Lane in Surfside Beach, SC

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