Rescreening an Old Pool Cover

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Rescreening an Old Pool Cover

These pool cover projects are interesting. They require lots of engineering to meet wind codes, figure out the proper geometry, and get a permit. They usually end up costing almost as much as the pool.

Ugh…then there’s the screening.

The absolute worst part is that the whole time you’re working, you wish you could maybe sort of accidentally fall into the pool at the end of the day.

So, what do you do when…

  • Your pool cover is getting old and the screens are wearing through
  • A storm drops in and throws tree branches through the screens
  • Or your kid runs down the wall with his fork poking holes in them

Easy. You pay us to come back out and rescreen it. If we do a good job, maybe you give us permission for a swim at the end of the project!

Here’s one we just finished rescreening…

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