Is your backyard a blank canvas for us to work on or do you already have a patio or screen room that needs a conversion?


This home is in Queens Harbour in Surfside Beach.

This home is right on the Waccamaw River in Conway.

Sunroom Options include…

Window Type

You need to choose a window style and type that will offer the view, comfort, and privacy you desire. Your best window choice will ultimately depend on how you wish to use your sunroom.

There are three basic types of windows-

1. Impact-Resistant Windows. Impact-resistant windows are designed primarily for hurricane prone coastal areas. They possess design features that prevent both large and small debris from entering the home. This hurricane-proof design also offers increased security, better thermal qualities, and outside noise reduction. Advantage- the ultimate in see-through hurricane protection.

2. Glass. Double pane insulated glass is the standard in glass windows. Energy-rated Low-E windows are an amazing upgrade option. Advantage- very cost efficient.

3. Vinyl. Vinyl windows are glazed with a flexible, vinyl material that flexes and rebounds when it is hit or pushed on. The optimum situation for vinyl windows are porches and patios where you want to enjoy the benefits of both a screen room and a sunroom depending on the weather. Advantage- absolutely perfect for multi-function patios.

Window Style

1. Style- horizontal sliders, single-hung, awning, and more

2. Tint- a variety of factory liquid applied tints are available from a relatively neutral gray to azure blue and all points in between

3. Grids- colonial grid can be installed in different patterns

4. Energy Efficiency- upgrades can be made which make the windows more efficient such as Low-E and Argon Gas

5. Frame- aluminum or vinyl

6. Color- bronze, white, off white (dark or light)

7. Shape- squares and rectangles are easy, but we can also get arches, trapezoids, and a few other shapes

8. Size- hard to fit spot? Don’t worry, we can custom order specific sizes

9. Safety- windows can be tempered to provide safety glass


Doors are available in basically all the same options as windows, such as tint and grid.

Additional options are available in how you would like to go in and out.

1. Standard Hinged Doors- available in a variety of style from full view glass to half-single hung with a taller kickplate

2. Sliding Glass Doors- available from a standard 2 panel door to multi-panel doors so large they open up the entire wall

3. Screen Doors

4. Storm Doors

5. French Doors

6. Pet Doors


The exterior of your room can be done in a variety of ways.

1. Solid kneewall. This can be white aluminum, siding or brick to match your home, or even designed with faux texture panels which simulate anything from stacked rock to bamboo.

2. Glass from floor to ceiling


We hate to do the same old truss or rafter style roofing that everyone else does. Why not go with the wave of the future and let us install SIP’s or structural insulated panels.

SIP’s are pre-insulated panels that are engineered to span further and offer more support and structure than traditional wood construction. To everyone else, it’s new technology, but we’ve been using them over 20 years.

SIP’s can be custom cut to incorporate an existing roof. They can be shingled like the house or faced with a waterproof white aluminum stucco finish.

And More…

Plenty of other options exist to enhance your room-

1. Skylights

2. Addition of adjoining products such as an awning, patio cover, or deck for your grill

3. Electrical, such as outlets, ceiling fans, phone, lights, and cable

4. Heating and Cooling


Worried about your vinyl or Eze-Breeze windows in a hurricane? Click HERE for instructions.

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