Hurricane Dorian Aftermath

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Hurricane Dorian Aftermath

Just a quick message to update all of our out-of-town customers on the post- Hurricane Dorian clean-up.


  • No matter what the Weather Channel says, damage in the Myrtle Beach area is very sporadic and not widespread.
  • Small debris is everywhere.
  • We have a few customers with trees down and roof leaks.
  • Flooding is minimal compared to last year’s storms.


  • We are open today, so feel free to call in to report any damage.
  • If you have any photos, feel free to share them to our Facebook page so other customers who are out of town can see their neighborhoods.
  • We currently have up to 5 teams on the road helping customers assess damage and even clear trees from their yard.
  • My kids are even pitching in with the crews and at the office.


  • Some of us were kayaking in the office driveway yesterday.
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, Google “red Jeep Myrtle Beach” and you’ll see enough funny memes to last you all day. I’d hate to be that guy. (Psst…if you are that guy, I apologize).

If anyone needs anything, please call. Today will be all day assessing damage and helping customers, but no job schedules have been changed unless we call you and let you know.

Dave Powers

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