Deck Collapse in Alabama

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Deck Collapse in Alabama

Decks collapse quite often, but rarely is the collapse caught on camera.

Click on the photo below to see this scary deck collapse at an apartment building in Alabama.

When decks do collapse, it’s usually from a major issue or a combination of factors, such as:

  1. Not built to code by licensed contractors
  2. Age and lack of maintenance
  3. Overloading

Why don’t you let us build or repair that deck for you?

If the following apply, give us a call-

  • You don’t trust your husband to do it safely
  • You’d rather not test your homeowner’s policy with a lawsuit from your guests
  • You’re not sure it’ll hold that hot tub, outdoor kitchen, or whatever
  • You want it done right without having to mess with the permits and stuff and want us to handle that
  • Your desk is old, and you’re just not sure about it
  • You don’t want your family crushed in a pile of wood and rusty nails because someone hired the cheapest guy to do it on the weekends

Seriuously. Just have us do an estimate before you get it done.

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