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Case Study: Composite Boardwalk at the S.C. Botanical Gardens

I wanted to point out a beautiful outdoor project I saw the other day at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens located at Clemson University.

They have a large outdoor section that takes you through various climate zones and topography found in the Palmetto State. It includes the piedmont, palm trees and shell rings, and even a carnivorous plant habitat.

Weaving throughout all of this is a beautiful composite lumber boardwalk.

Maybe instead of a sidewalk or more concrete, this might be a great idea for you. If you need something like this to connect areas at your home or traverse a muddy area in the backyard, give us a call.

Here’s a sample of one of our composite projects-


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Deck Collapse in Alabama

Decks collapse quite often, but rarely is the collapse caught on camera.

Click on the photo below to see this scary deck collapse at an apartment building in Alabama.

When decks do collapse, it’s usually from a major issue or a combination of factors, such as:

  1. Not built to code by licensed contractors
  2. Age and lack of maintenance
  3. Overloading

Why don’t you let us build or repair that deck for you?

If the following apply, give us a call-

  • You don’t trust your husband to do it safely
  • You’d rather not test your homeowner’s policy with a lawsuit from your guests
  • You’re not sure it’ll hold that hot tub, outdoor kitchen, or whatever
  • You want it done right without having to mess with the permits and stuff and want us to handle that
  • Your desk is old, and you’re just not sure about it
  • You don’t want your family crushed in a pile of wood and rusty nails because someone hired the cheapest guy to do it on the weekends

Seriuously. Just have us do an estimate before you get it done.

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Did you know the VA offers FREE grant assistance for qualified Disabled Veterans?

Did you know the VA offers FREE grant assistance for qualified Disabled Veterans?

This is huge!

I’m a disabled Marine Corps veteran and my dad and the founder of Ocean Breeze is also a Disabled Veteran, so it thrills us to be able to help other vets get the assistance they need.

We focus on exterior remodeling and many of the projects we build may fit into what you qualify for.

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Wider or modified decks
  • Modified steps
  • Retrofitting existing exterior structures with grab bars, handles, etc.
  • And more in the VA adaptive housing guide



If you are a Disabled Veteran, care for one, or know one, please pass on this information.

Click HERE for the VA Website


A wheelchair ramp we built in Pirateland Campground.

There was extremely limited for space on this home.
We were able to modify his existing deck for more space.
There was just enough room to meet all code requirements.

David R. Powers, Ocean Breeze Exteriors founder and owner

This is my dad, an Army veteran of the Vietnam War and a Bronze Star recipient.

Although you’ll still see him on just about every jobsite, he suffers from numerous ailments related to several years in a self-propelled artillery unit and exposure to Agent Orange.

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Build Your Own Outdoor Projects Virtually

There’s a ton of project visualizers out there for the types of projects we do. I wanted to send out an updated list so you could take a try at it.

Most of these are really good and produce detailed plans and material lists. Feel free to build your dream project here and e-mail it over for us to look at and price out for you.

Note- There are a couple of these for projects that we don’t install, but I included them anyway just in case your dream project requires things outside our product line.

As you get into the process, feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Thanks, Dave

Fiberon Decking. Fiberon is our go-to brand for composite lumber and the makers of the one you can see in our outdoor showroom.
. Their railing line is among our customer favorites for accenting a deck.
Boral Building Products. We use some of their product line on our sunrooms.
Envision Decking
Royal Building Products. We use Royal for a lot of our siding, soffit, and trim.
Feeney Deckbuilder
. These are the folks that make Cable Rail.
Belgard Hardscapes
Fortress Building Products
Simpson Strongtie. Although we don’t use their pergola materials, Simpson’s is one of the only manufacturer’s that has a pergola visualizer.
Timbertech Decking
Trex Decking

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DIY Deck Building- We’ll Help!

We get quite a few customers come to us wanting help with do-it-yourself projects. Because of our 30 plus years in business, access to wholesale material pricing, and experience with code enforcement, they often ask for a range of services, including:

  • Help drawing up plans or getting engineering
  • Selling materials
  • Onsite help getting a job started or fixing one that they messed up

We do all of the above, and more, but it’s not our favorite way of working. The vast majority of the time, a DIY project of the type we do (sunrooms, decks, awnings) turns into a disaster that costs a lot more when we have to come out and fix it or bring it up to code. 

Seth Godin wrote a blog about DIY surgery. You can find his original post HERE. I modified his blog to apply to DIY construction-

Here’s a drill and a hammer from Lowe’s.

Here’s a video I saw on YouTube once.

Here are some instructions I read on Quora…

Okay, how hard can it be?

Actually, it might be very hard. Actually, expertise has value. Actually, just because someone said it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. Or useful.

Experts aren’t always right. But I’d rather live in a building built by an expert, fly in a plane designed by an expert and yes, have surgery done by an expert.

Even barbers get trained.

Dave, the guy that would prefer to build your project instead of fixing your project

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Win the $20,000 Backyard Upgrade Contest from Fiberon!

New contest sponsored by Fiberon, our main deck supplier.

$20,000 Backyard Upgrade!

Enter soon, as the contest closes in a week or so. The entry flyer is below or click on THIS LINK to go to the entry page-

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Design Your Own Deck Online

I wanted to tell you about a new resource you can access online for free.

If you’ve ever wanted to design an outdoor dream space, you can do it fast and easy at the Timbertech website using their Deck Designer tool. Just click right HERE, and it will take you directly to their website.

There you can design a deck, custom design the size, shape, and color, print material lists, and more.

It’s a really great resource that even we use in our design center here at the office.

Once you design your space, just e-mail over the plans or bring them by the showroom, and we’ll be glad to work up a price and schedule for you.

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5 Most Common Shortcuts Builders Make

(1) Rotten Roof

(2) Water Works

(3) Wood Worries

(4) Crappy Concrete

(5) Porch Problems

(6) BONUS- TV Tune Out

(7) Behind the Scenes

UPDATE- Here’s another one that came up recently with a rotten porch that we uncovered. Click HERE.

You can find us at…

Ocean Breeze Exterior Remodeling


Our showroom is located at 739 Sandy Lane in Surfside Beach, SC

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Design Your Own Deck Online

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to completely design a new deck online and then have it made onsite to your dream specs?

There is!

Here’s your recipe for deck or patio greatness…

  1. Go to Timbertech’s online deck designer
  2. Save the project and either print it our or e-mail us the specs
  3. We price it, you love the price, and we build it
  4. You enjoy your awesome new outdoor space

Here’s a couple of ideas from our previous work…


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