Be Careful of Shady Contractors and Products!

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Be Careful of Shady Contractors and Products!

Hurricane season here in Myrtle Beach always brings things like shady contractors and bad products to top of mind awareness. The thing is, hurricanes are pretty much always on our mind here when we’re thinking about our projects. We’re either in the middle of the season, prepping for it, or recovering from it.

This most recent season, as I drove around surveying damage and checking on clients, I noticed a few jobs I wanted to point out.

We build carports, but not the ones like you see for sale on the side of the road. Our carports are more like this, and meet all wind codes and inspections.

The ones you buy on the side of the road are much cheaper, but they don’t meet code, and aren’t approved by anyone for this area. Here’s one I found after tropical storm winds came through-

I was in a local mobile home park working on a patio cover the other day and saw this at a nearby house.

It looks good, but it may not look good for long. You might not be able to tell from looking, but this does not meet code. As a matter of fact, the way this was built hasn’t met code for over a decade. After asking, I found out that the contractor built it without a permit. This will create all kinds of problems down the road if the homeowner tries to sell. Not only that, don’t count on your contractor coming back to repair it after it blows down.

Pretty much everything we do has to have a permit. This means that it also meets certain building codes. All in all, it means more safety for you and your family. If you use a contractor other than us, just be sure he’s doing it right. If you never see a permit posted on site, that’s a good hint that he’s playing it wild and loose.


Dave, a guy who’s become an expert at filling out permit applications

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