How do you know when to replace your siding?

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How do you know when to replace your siding?

How do you know when to replace your siding?

Your home’s siding serves as a shield against the elements and a defining feature of your exterior aesthetic. Whether your home has been subject to extensive damage by extreme weather or pests, or you’re simply in the mood for a new look, it’s worth considering if now is the right time to re-side. 

Starting a siding replacement project can seem like a big undertaking, but most homeowners only go through the process once, and it’s almost always a worthwhile investment. Seeing as you likely don’t want this to become a repeat project, it’s essential to do it right the first time and help prevent any expensive repairs down the road. 

So, how do you know if now is the right time to replace your siding? While some situations, such as visible or structural damage, demand an immediate replacement, others may require a nuanced evaluation. To guide your decision, here are six key questions to help identify the severity of issues with your current siding and assess the value of a siding replacement. 

Is now the time? Six questions to ask yourself when considering a siding replacement

Assess whether the moment is right for a siding replacement with these six crucial questions. If the time is right, you’ll also find some pointers on how to evaluate your home’s new siding.  

Already convinced it’s time to re-side? Check out our Ultimate Re-Side Guide for more tips and tricks! 

1. How long has your current siding been in place? 

Depending on the material and original quality of installation, siding can last for decades. However, if it’s near the tail end of its lifecycle, it may be time to replace it. So, how do you know if your siding is reaching its natural end? 

First, go stand on the curb outside of your home — how does it look overall? Now, take a closer look and walk around all sides of your house from the roof to the foundation, looking for any sagging, cracking, blistering, buckling, fading, missing pieces, rot, evidence of insect damage, or water stains. If you see two or more of those signs, it’s likely time to re-side. 

2. What kind of upkeep and maintenance do you need to do? 

As siding ages and wears out, the maintenance cycle shortens. With more frequent, costly upkeep required, the tendency to skip repairs and instead “let it go” can lead to intrusion by water or pests, and possibly damage to the underlying wall.  With the ongoing time and effort to repair and maintain old siding in mind, it might make a re-side more attractive. 

Especially if you’ve recently dealt with a pest incursion, such as carpenter bees creating nests behind your wood siding, you’ve likely had enough with emergency calls to the exterminator. When maintenance (or lack thereof) starts to be a factor, it’s another sign that re-siding is the best choice. 

3. How extensive is any damage to your siding? 

A single missing shingle or color fading under one windowsill may not be a big problem. However, when damages start to pile up, they can make a nice-to-have project essential. 

You should also consider how often your siding is damaged — and the underlying causes of that damage. Excessive pest infestations from woodpeckers and termites, for instance, can cause serious issues to your home. When you replace your exterior siding, it’s worth considering a material that’s less appealing to critters, such as Hardie® fiber cement siding. 

4. How long do you plan to stay in the house? 

Are you planning to sell your home soon? If so, fresh siding can boost its market value. Exterior renovations not only enhance the aesthetic appeal and help safeguard the home, but they also significantly elevate curb appeal, making a more impactful first impression. 

On the other hand, if you know you’ll be living there for a while, you may want to invest in quality siding that minimizes maintenance for longer and will last for decades.  James Hardie invented modern fiber cement siding to help protect what matters most against the elements for years to come.  In any event, new fiber cement siding will provide both short-term and long-term benefits for you and your home. 

5. How does your home compare to others in the neighborhood? 

Be honest — is your home the one that stands out for all the wrong reasons? Does it look dated and tired? If your neighbors have upgraded their homes’ exteriors, it might be an incentive for you to make the change, too, especially if you have other repairs to make. Look around your neighborhood. If the homes were built at the same time, they’ll likely require updates and projects within the same timeframe. 

Re-siding your home can also add a much-needed curb appeal boost to make your home the envy of your neighborhood. Particularly if you’ve seen any color fading or have needed repainting over the years, James Hardie’s exclusive ColorPlus® Technology finish provides sharp, long-lasting color with a 15-year limited warranty. 

6. How does your siding color and style reflect current trends? 

If your home’s siding is showing signs of physical wear and tear, your exterior style could likely use an update, too. A siding replacement project is a great opportunity to remove dated siding styles or colors and modernize your exterior. 

This article came to us courtesy of one of our star suppliers James Hardie Siding.

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Our DIY Corner on the website is back online!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the DIY Corner on our website is back up.

Got a bunch of folks letting me know that links were broken. I fixed them, added some new stuff, and it’s back.

If you’re not familiar with the DIY Corner, it’s a place on our website where we recommend tools, materials, and plans for your own DIY projects on the outside of your home.

It might seem like we’re giving away business doing this, but, to be honest, we can’t always fit in smaller projects in time or it’s just not something we can do at a reasonable price for you.

A great example would be trying to build a she shed for your wife’s birthday and you waited until the day before. We just wouldn’t be able to help you with that…but we can sell you the materials.

The way I figure it, if you’re gonna do a DIY project, I’m just as happy selling you the materials for it.

Check it out, and if you need something you don’t see, feel free to give us a call.

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Who likes credit card points?

A lot of our materials are purchased with company credit cards. It’s the easiest way for us to buy fuel or pay for lumber, because well, who has enough cash on hand to pay for lumber these days?

Our company has been a loyal customer of Chase credit cards for years. They’ve treated us well, and the bonus points from purchases converts easily to a credit on a statement.

Every so often, they send us a special offer to send out to friends and family, so I wanted to pass this one on to you. It’s for the Chase Ink card. Full disclosure, if you sign up, both of us get bonus points.

If you need a new card or your first one, there’s a link below for the special offer. I don’t know all the specs on it, because I think the offer is tied to your spending or income or something, maybe even your dog’s name.

Hint- If it’s tied to spending, you’re welcome to use your new card for a sunroom or deck from us.

Now, on the flipside, we pay off our credit cards every month so we don’t pay interest. It’s a tool, not a debt machine. If you’re not able to pay your card off every month, don’t get another one.

If you’re trapped in this cycle, there are ways to break free. Here’s a resource for the program we follow to stay debt free. It works for business and on the personal level.

Here’s to the beginning of another awesome summer!

Dave Jr.

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Build Your Own Outdoor Projects Virtually

There’s a ton of project visualizers out there for the types of projects we do. I wanted to send out an updated list so you could take a try at it.

Most of these are really good and produce detailed plans and material lists. Feel free to build your dream project here and e-mail it over for us to look at and price out for you.

Note- There are a couple of these for projects that we don’t install, but I included them anyway just in case your dream project requires things outside our product line.

As you get into the process, feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Thanks, Dave

Fiberon Decking. Fiberon is our go-to brand for composite lumber and the makers of the one you can see in our outdoor showroom.
. Their railing line is among our customer favorites for accenting a deck.
Boral Building Products. We use some of their product line on our sunrooms.
Envision Decking
Royal Building Products. We use Royal for a lot of our siding, soffit, and trim.
Feeney Deckbuilder
. These are the folks that make Cable Rail.
Belgard Hardscapes
Fortress Building Products
Simpson Strongtie. Although we don’t use their pergola materials, Simpson’s is one of the only manufacturer’s that has a pergola visualizer.
Timbertech Decking
Trex Decking

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Update on Sunroom Window Shipdates

Just wanted to send out an update on vinyl window ship dates.

If you’re planning on getting a sunroom done BEFORE the next pollen season, get that contract in soon.

A project I ordered Custom Windows Systems windows for recently came back with a late February ship date. PGT Eze-Breeze is even further out into late March.

Even our new showroom windows are late in arriving.

If you want to protect your porch, furniture, etc from the pollen and spring rains, get with me as soon as possible to get the project rolling.

Dave, a guy who hates having to hose the pollen off his porch furniture just to sit down

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale on Sunrooms, Decks, and Everything In-Between!

We usually get in on the Cyber Monday shopping, but Black Friday is kind of messed up this year, so we wanted to start our sale early. Even though it’s kind of hard to sell a construction project in an e-mail. I think I have it figured out.

Since we’re still only a few years past our 30th anniversary, I’m going to offer a 3% discount on anything for 3 weeks.

Here’s the details…

  • Sale lasts for 3 weeks ONLY!
  • This offer expires on Tuesday, December 15 at 4pm.
  • You get 3% off anything from a huge project to cleaner for your windows.
  • You have to sign the contract and give a deposit during the sale period.
  • Projects will be scheduled as we can fit them in. Based on your job I can give you a date once you book.
  • Print out this e-mail or show it to us on your phone to get the discount.

I hope you take advantage of this. I mean, it’s kind of weird for builders to run Cyber Monday sales, so be sure to jump in on it if you’ve been thinking about some work at your home. Depending on your project, this discount could be worth thousands.

Enjoy your holiday!


PS: We had a few questions about the sale, and I wanted to post those as well…

Q: What if I don’t have HOA approval yet? That’s fine. I won’t actually do any work until you have approval. If they say no, I’ll refund your deposit.

Q: Can I also add in other discounts, like veterans or a cash discount? For this sale, I’ll approve adding in another 1% for vets or all cash/check deals. That would be a total of 4% off your project.

Q: Can I wait until Dec 16 to get the sale price? Absolutely not. You gotta jump in before then. If you even ask for the sale price after that, I’ll add more to the job. Just kidding! (But I’ll def think about it)

Q: What do I need to do to book a job? All we need is a deposit and a signed contract so we agree on all the specs, and I can order materials.

Q: Can you do up a Christmas card for me to put under the tree to give my wife her new sunroom as a present? Not only yes, but definitely yes. These are really fun to work on. I’ll not only do up a card, but I’ll wrap it up as a boxed present.

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We Now Offer Rough Estimates Online

I wanted to let everyone know that we’re now offering online rough estimates.

We’re doing this for several reasons:

  • A lot of our clients are second homeowners and aren’t even in town.
  • Sometimes our estimator gets overloaded with appointments during the day. With online estimates, we can chain him to his desk at 5pm and make him do these online ones in the wee hours of the night. No worries- as long as we pay him and feed him regularly, he’s okay.
  • Our schedules don’t always fit your schedule.
  • It’s much faster for you.
  • COVID has driven everyone to offer contactless solutions as much as possible. We had already done this with payments and our actual work product, but all estimates were still done in person.

Be sure to check it out or recommend it to your neighbors.

Go straight to and all the instructions are there.


Dave Jr., the guy who eats Chipotle and Starbucks on those late nights in the office

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One of Our Projects Got Picked up by Michael’s

Something we don’t even do for income here at the business got picked up by Michael’s Stores for their Inspiration Wall, and I wanted to brag on the person responsible.

For those of you that have been by our showroom, you’ve probably seen our window flower boxes. We’re proud of them, as it throws a little bit of color into the industrial park and our large gray warehouse.

But there’s a downside. My flowers keep dying. We’re surrounded by concrete and blacktop, and we just can’t keep them alive. Frankly, I was getting tired of buying another $100 worth of flowers each month and spending an hour replanting everything.

Here’s a picture of the desert wasteland version-

So I cheated and bought a bunch of artificial flowers and turned it over to my crafty wife. Boom!

She redid the boxes, and I posted some pics on Instagram to brag on her.

Then Michael’s asked permission to repost them to their Inspiration Wall. This made me super proud of my wife and made her pretty excited about her flower design work.

She usually helps me out in the office, but if any of you want some great-looking flowers that won’t die around your sunroom, give me a call.

Dave Jr.

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Need Help Cleaning Vinyl Windows?

I had some customers ask the other day about cleaning their vinyl windows, so I wanted to send out the same info for everyone else as well.

“We have the vinyl windows with screens in our porch. We love it! You gave us some vinyl cleaner that we can use for the interior that is not so practical for the exterior. Is there a safe soap and water option to clean the exteriors with? I am worried about the soap. Is there one that works using a hose?”

PGT Eze-Breeze makes a special cleaner and preservative that is great for the windows, but a little expensive. We sell it here in the office if you need it.

If you want to save a few bucks, use it on the inside, and you can use soap for the outside and the screens. But always clean the outside and the screens first.

For soap, I always recommend mixing equal parts Woolite and water in a spray bottle or a spray bottle that attaches to a hose. Below are links to order each.

Woolite ( )

Water Hose Spray Connector  ( )

Empty Spray Bottle )

Here’s an instruction sheet from PGT Eze-Breeze that goes into more detail:

If anything is broken or needs maintenance, bring the affected panes by the office or you can buy spare parts kits here at the office.

In addition, here’s a short video I made that gives a few extra tips about cleaning them- DIY Vinyl Window Cleaning

Lastly, if you don’t want to clean them at all, we can do it. Just give us a call.


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Win the $20,000 Backyard Upgrade Contest from Fiberon!

New contest sponsored by Fiberon, our main deck supplier.

$20,000 Backyard Upgrade!

Enter soon, as the contest closes in a week or so. The entry flyer is below or click on THIS LINK to go to the entry page-

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